Dan M

Senior Engineer, Washington DC

Over the last 9 years, I've worked with Cartoon Network, Cvent, Designer Fund, EA Sports, Facebook, Huge, Instagram, Kia, LinkedIn, NASA, Oculus, Parse, and Universal Studios to craft scalable and accessible user interfaces for web, mobile, and emerging platforms.

I've built command line tools, cloud microservices, multi-platform product design systems, extensible component architectures, award-winning marketing websites, and native mobile applications.

Currently, I work as a Senior Web Engineer at Huge in Washington D.C. Previously, I was a Senior UI Developer at Cvent, Full-stack Developer at PRPL, Application Developer at Gifn and UI Designer at X Studios.

Projects & Experiments

  • Designer Fund

    Redesign and replatform; migrated to JAMStack via Gatsby, Netlify, and Contentful

  • Skeletor CSS Framework

    Spacing, typography, and color utility generator for rapid prototyping and design systems

  • Hotpoints App

    Create custom interaction flows to facilitate product demos in commercial video shoots

  • Facebook F8 App

    React Native client application, Node.js Parse Server, and Electron Parse Admin interface

  • Gifn App

    Worked on the native (Swift) application rewrite for the gif-generating event photo booth

  • Contentful Live Preview

    Now.sh and Next.js project to live-preview blog posts using the Contentful Preview API

  • Powerpuff Yourself

    Wrote the Node AWS Lambda services to generate gifs from the Vue application's Powfactor quiz

  • Gatsby v2 Starter Project

    TypeScript, PostCSS, Styled Components, Jest, MDX, CircleCI, Netlify, Prettier, Stylelint, and dotenv

  • Wordpress to Contentful

    Node.js CLI to manage the automated migration between the two platforms using their respective content APIs

  • useTracking React Hook

    Custom React Hook to generate static or dynamic event tracking callbacks for performant and declarative analytics


My design and engineering experience in corporate software and creative consulting environments has given me a unique ability to bridge the gaps between design direction, technical implementation, and business objectives.

Client-Side Development

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, React, CSS-in-JS, Angular, Vue, and emails

Server-Side Development

Node, Python, JAMstack, Serverless, PHP, headless CMS, and API design

Mobile App Development

React Native, Swift, Xamarin (C#), PhoneGap, and PWA’s

Leadership & Management

Code reviews, Mentorship, and Pair programming

Design Tools & Hand-off

Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, Invision, and Framer X

Accessibility Standards

WCAG 2.1 guidelines, Section 508 compliance, ARIA, and screenreaders

Testing & Tooling

Webpack, Jest, Prettier, ESLint, Flow, TypeScript, Babel, aXe, and Cypress

Project Management

Git, SVN, GitHub, BitBucket, JIRA, with agile and waterfall project experience

Deployments & Architecture

AWS, NPM, GCP, Netlify, Docker, Cloudflare, and CI/CD pipelines